Top Video Games That Were Banned In Some Countries

There are a lot of video games out there that push the boundaries of what’s acceptable while it’s true that our definition of acceptable has changed somewhat in recent years there’s still a number of games that continue to be banned in certain countries so grab your pitchfork it’s time for the top banned video games dishonorable mention goes to a game that rhymes with cape day I feel like people would rag on me if I didn’t mention it but I don’t want to advertise it by talking about it if you know the game you know what I’m talking about if you don’t good now I’m at the list .
 EA Sports MMA this one is really strange with all these games being banned for extreme violent sexual content cultural insensitivity and drug use it seems that an MMA game would be banned for its violence if anything but that’s not the case EA Sports MMA was actually banned in Denmark not for the blood or the punching or the choking but for the energy drinks which I suppose is technically drug use but still before a fight in the game there would be an advertisement for an energy drink which turns out is illegal in Denmark so rather than remove the ad they just said I screw it let it be banned we make more money from the ad anyway.
 command and conquer generals command & Conquer general sparked a great deal of controversy in China and ended up being bent why well because the game involved bombing China dropping a new gun Beijing and destroying a bunch of Chinese landmarks I’m not a fan of banning games but even I must admit it was pretty insensitive especially considering the West pass of bombing the East do I think it should have been banned not really but apparently even the people who got it illegally weren’t fans of it so maybe it was for the best never aged the

Pokemon Trading Card Game yep even games as innocuous as Pokemon cards can draw the attention the government and this one for a pretty ridiculous reason it was banned in Saudi Arabia largely due to the influence of  the religious establishment that has a great deal of governmental power they claimed that the icon for the colorless energy looked too much like the Star of David which is a symbol of Zionism good job crisis averted clearly Pikachu was an undercover Israeli soldier
fallout 3 those involved in censorship in Australia weren’t fans of the drug use in fallout 3 and refused to classify the game when it first came to their attention this may seem strange to you why would they have a problem with things like nedick’s and jet well it didn’t always have such innocent names originally they were real drugs MedX was morphine and jet was cocaine so you can understand why the sensors would be concerned about the game advocating drug use thankfully after the name change Australia was cool with it.
mass effect mass effect was banned in Singapore because to women kits and that is obviously totally unacceptable as you may know sex is definitely a part of Mass Effect and when playing as a female character you’re given the opportunity to have relations with another female the funny thing is they didn’t have a problem with a human sleeping with an alien but two women no get out of here now to their credit this came at a time when Singapore didn’t really have a game rating system and they eventually unbanned it and classified it under the film guidelines making it m18 so it wasn’t banned for too long over by
The Witcher 2 back with another story from Australia this time The Witcher 2 was refused to rating because sex was used as a reward which apparently never happens in real life apparently the idea that sex would occur for more reasons than wanting to have a baby with the person you love and to whom you’re married is too crazy for the Aussie and it’s even more ridiculous because it’s a freakin succubus having sex with people is kind of their thing and the game was altered so that it could be sold there and made so that Geralt refused the offer automatically and I thought Australia was so cool that they just hate video games
Dead Rising 3 turns out Australia isn’t the only country that hates video games Germany has among the strictest rules when it comes to this form of entertainment brace yourselves for an attempt at speaking German the German Federal Department for media harmful the young persons or British Bush dead drill jig ngah 15 de mijin decided that the zombies in Dead Rising look too much like people and they’re not okay with killing a bunch of people so they banned it in Germany for compensating much
Grand Theft Auto 4 I mean they pretty much all been banned at some point but I’ll talk about the situation with four because it was so ridiculous this is one of the only times where a video game could plausibly be blamed for real-world violence a 19 year old Thai man was arrested after killing a cab driver claiming he was trying to rob the driver so he could get money to play more GTA at at cafes so the Thai government said yep screw that game and bandit I think it’s a pretty dumb reaction this kid clearly would have done this for any number of reasons contrary to what iced tea said don’t hate the game hate the player
Custer’s revenge yeah I’m not at all surprised that this game was banned this game basically saw a General Custer naked with a big ol erection trying to get to a native woman also naked with a big old but it’s pretty racist and wee bit rapey while being a pretty lousy game in general I don’t even know if we can show clips normally we pixelate the sex stuff but I’m not sure if it’s possible to pixelate 8-bit games but don’t worry you’re really not missing anything when weirdest thing is this controversy actually helped with sales making it the best selling game for the company it was only banned in Oklahoma City
manhunt – this one has to be number one not only was it banned all over the place and restricted in places it wasn’t bad but it’s one of the most ban worthy games I’ve seen while generally I’m not in favor of banning games or violence and if it were up to me even this game probably wouldn’t be bad I can totally get why it would be because it is hella gruesome you basically kill a bunch of people in a variety of creative and nasty ways it’s been banned in Australia in Germany of course but also New Zealand Ireland the UK and a bunch of others.

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