Top ten mobile brands


My nokia falls almost every day and it still works nice

This is the best brand ever.
I got 10 mobile phones. All are nokia

I had various models of Nokia since the company came into existence. And I never had problems. I tried other brands but none exceeded my nokia phones. For one thing, ease of use (user friendly). Right now I’m using N8 and it rocks!

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+139The Galaxy Phones are just so awesome! I love the new Galaxy Ace!

+104Samsung android phones are awesome. Specially Galaxy phone series is superb! Samsung is the best.

+95Samsung galaxy series has sexiest phones than any other brand. Nokia and sony ericson sucks and they are also not affordable. I Love my new Samsung Galaxy S II

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+123Awesome phone. It works great all the time, never freezes and works as more than just a phone. You can download applications, take photos and do much more. Although its pricey its worth it times ten. Luh-v it. Its the best phone you can buy…

+94The best phones ever. It not only is a phone, and there is ALWAYS an app for that!

+82Apple should be next to nokia though it is costly.
Its touch is awesome and we love to use it

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4Sony Ericsson

+122‘Best when it comes to camera and sound clarity’ I am in love with my Sony Ericsson!

+89Better quality and performence

+68-Sony Ericsson #1 at Usability! And Multimedia!
-Best quality shots and nice sound. Use Sony Ericsson to its maximum!
-SE needs to pump up the hardware on android phones they will be invincible!
-Custom ROMs thanks to the fan community gives you more freedom of choice!

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+88The one who buys a htc will never want anything else.
– Durability
– Hardware
– Design
– Compatibility
The Best Brand.

+60HTC in my opinion is the best in high range smartphones. I am using my 2nd HTC. First one is 3.5 years old and still working fine. I never had such satisfaction with either of Sony Ericsson or Nokia that I used.

+54There are cool function and I have one to htc evo 4g
Big screen size display quality awesome

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+49I like the blackberry because it looks so elegant and the qwerty keypads of it are so awesome and I like its touch pad navigation and its wide screen! Go for blackberry yeah!

+30it is the best and the coolest phone ever made. for me this is the number one

+25I like to for come go see BBM to make for rainy still to fall. Run For land stop to get to the fair but forget to go see. Help? I also like cheese. Today’s friend is tomorrow’s foe. So follow the taco man to get to place of the land of the perogies

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7LG Electronics

+15Actually I’ve never been use this phone recently because for the past years I’am loyal to nokia phone I’ve been use it for the past 5 yrs because it is very users friendly but my brother who brought there LG phone and then convince me to try it. Then I’ll buy in Mall and try to use it ironically it will works for me and fits for needs and just like a nokia to it is users friendly also gosh I’ve been stereotype other phone and gave my commendation to nokia because I know nokia is only phone that fits to users, but others they have just Like LG, good battery condition it will last up to more than a week, compare to nokia last 4 or 5 days battery. I may now Use it and Honestly Love this Phone

+14Its design is very UNIQUE! And this brand is most of my Korean idol using in their tv series and commercials <3 awesome="" bl40="" br="" chocolate="" i="" it="" love="" much="" nbsp="" so="" specially="">

+14Actually it is very nice. It falls several times but still very good. It is really lucky for me.

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+17Supper moto
The phone which has a heroic name with features with energy is the only one motorola may be it shares 7th place, 7 stands for completeness that’s my moto

+13My first phone was a Motorola and since then all the phones I’ve owened have been made by Motorola… They are very reliable

+11Motorola is the best phone EVER! And there’s so many different kinds of Motorola phones, so there’s so many to choose from ^^ everyone’s happy.

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+22No other mobile brand can compare with Sony’s quality and standard… The best picture clarity and sound quality we never get any other mobile brands.. So Sony xperia top 1 in the world

+14Because its more nice than the first why this is not the first brand champion

+14It is the worlds best brand no one can overcome them

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+73Good quality for its price. And great proprietary apps too. A must for budget-conscious consumers looking for a mobile phone that works well without all the expensive extras that are not essential.

+64This is a good brand almost same quality with the leading brand but the price is much cheaper than them that why I choose this brand… And I’m proud to be PINOY!

+62Best Phone and Quality they have the service that all Filipinos love it, like the top of the line android and featured phones that is already good and its lower price.. GO MyPhone

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