Top Horrible Surgery Operations Went Wrong In The World

Most People Wants To make changes in their body for some reasons may for beauty or some other reasons.Their anxiety about surgeries most of the time surgeries are successful and everything turns out okay however sometimes people wake up from a fairly routine surgical procedure with a bunch of complications or even a botched job so I’m here to scare you guys.
This is the top ten operations that went horribly wrong :

Number 10:fertility clinics that used the wrong sperm ,this real life right now that you just don’t do that Nancy Andrews became pregnant after an envy tro fertilization procedure at a New York facility’s clinic however Nancy and her husband were surprised and shocked when she delivered a baby whose skin was significantly darker than either her parents after DNA tests were done they discovered the doctors at the clinic accidentally use another man’s burger to inseminate Nancy’s eggs the couple has raised a little girl as if she was their own I mean they are not biologically that’s not the biological father which is just I couldn’t imagine being in this situation but they did file a malpractice suit against the owner of the clinic and against the Umbrella gist who mix up the sample that person should just be fired now let’s move on to

Number 9: with a terrible tooth extraction Christopher price went to the dentist because he needed to have three teeth removed the extraction went as expected at first he received his numbing medication and was relaxing on the chair waiting for his teeth to be removed well the dentist removed the three problems teeth and then decided to go ahead and remove the remaining 25 teeth at this person has the dental office claimed that this was a communication makes us because they thought they wanted all of their teeth removed I mean Google said dentist’s office and says hey doc remove them all I mean what is going on as a dentist why would you remove healthy teeth Christopher and his family hired a lawyer which will no doubt lead to a substantial lawsuit and hopefully it’s enough money to buy teeth I mean this is everyone’s worst nightmare and what the heck kind of freaking done dentists is that a surgery that caused the man to pass fecal matter through his his man parts comes in.

Number 8: Joseph Swain was suffering from diverticulitis that causes pouches in the large intestine to become inflamed so he had to have a colonoscopy in order to have his large intestine and heal after he recovered he had to undergo another surgery this time to reverse to call an ostomy the surgeons were supposed to reattach this healing : to his anus but unfortunately the surgeons accidentally stable does call into his bladder which caused him to pass fecal matter through his urethra I smell a huge lawsuit and I must be so damn painful .

Number 7: with surgeons who remove the wrong testicle an unidentified man waiting to surgery at a hospital located at Wiltshire England to have a cancerous testicle removed well things didn’t go according to plan because the surgeon accidentally removed the wrong testicle so the doctors immediately put the healthy testicle on ice and called a plastic surgeon to try to reattach it however it was too late the surgeon had no choice but to remove the other one as well that was cancerous the patient hired a lawyer to sue the incompetent surgeon and add that he got a nice settlement out of that and I really hope this was like an older man who has already had kids because could you imagine someone who’s like transferred family.

Number 6: surgeons left 16 items in a man’s body a 74 year old man went to the hospital in Germany to undergo surgery to treat his prostate cancer everything seemed to be fine after the surgery until he started to experience excruciating pain one of the nurses discovered that a gauze pad began to lose its weight out of the surgical wound that’s something that should never happen he was sent back into the surgery where he was immediately discovered that doctors had left 16 different surgical tools and items in his body these items were an entire roll of bandages a compressed gauze pads a needle and a part of a surgical mask who the hack took off their masks during surgery that is insane okay a nose job that went horribly wrong consciously onto this list

Number 5: a 35 year old man wants to undergo a simple routine procedure of getting his nose Reese Culp today what should have been done was a quick and easy surgery well it resulted in this poor man to have over 20 other surgeries in order to correct this mistake from the initial surgery he was having problems breathing and his nose became so badly infected that the surgeon had to chop off his entire nose and replace its piece of cartilage from his ear and his ribcage cutting its way in.

Number 4: we have the surgeon who removed the wrong foot okay how do you mess this one up Willie King was suffering from complications of diabetes and he needed to have his foot amputated there was a series of chain of events they caused the surgeon to remove the wrong foot the blackboard in the operating room and the operating room schedule had accidentally listed the wrong foot after reading the incorrect paperwork the nurse prepped the wrong foot when the doctor entered the operating room the wrong foot was prepped as a result the hospital paid Willie $900,000 and the surgeon involved paid an additional $250,000 somebody tells me that this guy got ripped off okay so what does that mean besides being paid the light chump change for losing a foot did the surgeon try to reattach that foot did they get rid of the other foot do they accidentally remove his hand.

Number 3:with the man who woke up from a bladder surgery without his private part first show aroused a 67 year old underwent surgery back in 1999 in order to remove a cancerous lesion on his bladder when you woke up after the procedure he discovered that the surgeon also removed his manhood as a precautionary measure the doctor never warns them that this might happen before the surgery begin and when they decide to remove his manhood he didn’t even get consent to make matters worse the doctor didn’t even bother to check to see if the cancer had actually spread to his genital areas until after the surgery was over and the tissue sample came back saying that his private area was actually 100% clear of cancer so they removed it for absolutely no reason at all.

Number 2: we have doctors that started a surgery without any anesthetic for the patient this means that the patient was able to feel everything I mean if you flick me that hurts me I can’t imagine like just a little slit in me I would just be freaking out Sherman Sizemore went through absolute hell when he suffered from a rare phenomenon called anesthesia awareness this was due from an inadequate amount of anesthesia and ministered which caused him to be able to feel every incision during surgery but he was unable to move or communicate I can’t imagine how a true she ating and house prick and scary this must have been this experience was so traumatic that he tragically committed suicide shortly after and his family sued the hospital for damages.

Number 1:we have a person who received the wrong heart and lungs and then died Jessica sent Alan was a 70 year old girl who died two weeks after receiving the heart and lungs of a patient whose blood type did not match hers doctor that the hospital failed to check the compatibility before the surgery began after a second transplant operation to attempt to fix the first error she suffered brain damages any complications that led to her death according to reports the hospital reached an agreement on an undisclosed settlement with the family so we don’t know how much the family received.

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