Scariest Roller Coasters You Won’t Believe Exist

Have Ever Noticed Top 10 Scariest Roller Coasters Then If You Wanted To Know About Them
we’re going looking at the top ten roller coasters you won’t believe exist to be a hundred percent real Number 10. The gravity Max is until closer base in Taiwan and if you want to get a ride you might want to bring a spare pair of underwear along with you start from a stationary position and then lift it up a slow by a chain lift so what that means is you pretty much know what you’re getting up to and have time to prepare for the eventual drop things are a little bit different with a gravity max though the platform you end up on basically tells toward until it angles the coaster and its occupants in a ninety degree angle before dropping the coaster into a freefall down a long tunnel in a single loop and a couple of bank turns so the closer isn’t really that impressive the only super scary moment is a two other start which is pretty damn terrifying either way. You were doing this. We’re here on gravity.
Number 9. The Wicked Twister is a dangling coaster which means that you’re sitting in a chair with your legs dangling freely beneath you instead of being in a completely enclosed coaster car so not only is the Wicked Twister a day it’s supposedly the tallest and fastest dangling coaster in the world it’s not the coasters we’ve got on this list but it is pretty terrifying powered by electromagnetic pulses of energy into the coaster it flings riders of a long twisting spike which then allows them to fall back down again and they go back up. Second Spike backwards so yeah expect to pay your pants. Off looks like. It’ll open you like. Just having what just cafe is linear induction a long chain of electromagnets laid along the track fire in are cheap in rapid succession pulling and pushing the coaster down the rails quickly building speed with every push pull phone.
Number 8. The older twister is a coaster from fall and pan and if you ride it be prepared to get dizzy this goes or goes backwards and forwards through a chain of never ending spins the right moves at a total of forty four mph and only last around a minute in twenty seconds but in that time riders are flowing through three complete inversions two of which are experienced backwards after a ninety degree vertical climb and an eighty six degree drop so to put them to basic terms you’re going to get really dizzy really quickly.
Number 7. The sling shot is another Cedar Point ride open a twenty fourteen a sling shot is less coaster and more well a gigantic sling shot two riders are tied into a chair that has to last a cables attached to it and those of us the cables are actually attach a seventy two meter tall spikes when the writers are probably strapped in the capsule it’s launched of two hundred ten meters near at around sixty two miles an hour and you basically bounce up and down until it comes to a stop this right is literally two pieces of string attached to two really tall towers and a ball for people to get in and it’s pretty freakin. If you didn’t know I absolutely hate any sort of ride whether it be a roller coaster or just a slingshot thing like what we have here although you are absolutely insane for want to go on roller coaster it’s like you’re asking for death let me know in the comments if you like to ride on roller coasters or if you hate them like me I mean they are so terrifying who would want to go on one. I.
 Number 6. The Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas is home to one of the scariest rides in existence it opened up in two thousand and five it’s at two hundred seventy metres above the pavement I mean riders are literally dangled out in the open stratosphere above the freaking pavement off the side of a building and spun around what’s crazy is that two thousand five a group are left dangling for nearly an hour and a half while the ride had a fall imagine that just hanging there above Las Vegas waiting for the ride to get fixed I mean I guess at least a few would be nice to the you. Want to.
Number 5. Electical at all in towers in the U.K. was a rich. Julie another ride called the air now air was nothing really special it was a feeling coaster they had to inversions and travel at a pretty slow speed of forty seven mph and this ride is no different in terms of those specs What changed was the addition of virtual reality everyone’s been raving about how V.R. would revolutionize gaming when in truth one of the best uses for the headset has been a galactic writers or transport of the space itself be a Samsung Gear P.R. headset passing by sites such as Jupiter and the Kuiper Belt that’s so freaking awesome man.
Number 4. So I guess roller coaster is itself aren’t scary enough had added the whole serial killer aspect to it just to make it that much worse this all right could be found at Thorpe Park in the U.K. and it’s actually one of the coolest rides I’ve seen for a while from the incredibly wealthy waiting line that leads up to the ride all the way through the theming of the ride itself saw the ride just screams cool writers short of going through a dark tunnel filled a couple dips and plenty of props before being forced to wrestle a version leading up to a chain link hill before you start going up that jigsaw is a message for you the game over writers they go through a steep drop on lead some solid leads a couple of Blink turns and another inversion it’s actually pretty damn cool.
Number 3. Oblivion is another classic you can ride at Alton Towers it’s not as long or amazing as some of the other rides on our list but that doesn’t make it any less cool brighter start by going up the chain there before being treated to a lovely view of the park and that experience is kind of a rule when you dip down a high speed before dark and dingy tunnel and coming out of a turn and that’s the entire ride unfortunately sometimes things go a little bit wrong we have chosen sea boats on the rise coming loose and falling straight out so yeah I guess adds an extra layer fear to the whole ride.
Number 2. The meters out pine coaster is part of a rare breed of roller coaster it’s a type of course and that little runs down the side of a mile and the track is twenty eight hundred metres long and runs on the mountain to the force in the Alps which really cool as you’re actually able to control your own speed up to twenty five miles an hour now that doesn’t sound very fast but when you’re on a solo coaster car that has barely any protection on either side it’s going to feel pretty speedy The guy in the video showing doesn’t have to be the brakes on any of the drops or the corners so he builds right up to the full speed of the coaster which I’m pretty sure he regrets more than once I’m sitting here wondering if anyone’s died on this thing like I’m sure someone had to.
Number 1. Is a steal its elevator close to the space at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey it’s the tallest roller coaster in the world and the second fastest cars are coming in one hundred twenty eight miles an hour I think the scariest thing about Kingda Ka is that the train may experience what is known as a roll back to roll back so when the car because frequently rolls backwards off of a point instead of forward now to be very clear the ride does have magnetic brakes to stop you from going all the way back to the station and causing some kind of collision and that’s really the fear factor of this ride not only are you traveling at over one hundred miles an hour there’s no way that you can know where you’re going to make it all the way over the hill or back down the way you came. And there’s your list of the top ten really coasters you won’t believe .

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