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Richest People Fly Ultra Luxury Airlines/Jets-Billionaire’s Choice

Next time you’re flying anywhere and you strap yourself into your tiny feet your knees bashing the guy in front spare a thought for the millionaires in the world during first class deciding whether to add orange juice to their champagne or not yes the world of first-class plane travel is certainly a decadent one and that’s just for starters if you’re seriously loaded you could get a private jet and really spoil yourself here’s our
Top ultra luxury airlines and jets only the richest people fly.

Air France when you think of France you think of style that janessa quoi travel on air france’s ultra-exclusive la première service and you get more generous air quality you will know what to do with more like a hotel room than a plane seat the premier travelers stay in a private suite where your seat turns into a six and a half foot bed topped with a super comfy memory-foam mattress Air France understand that during a long flight you may need to get changed a few times so they provide you with extra storage areas including your own wardrobe you would only expect the best cuisine from Air France and seeing as the menu is compiled by Michelin star chefs guy Martin and Michael Roth that’s what you get finally sure all first-class airlines provide their guests with goodie bags full of toiletries but it’s only Air France’s that are made by Givenchy Paris to New York with LA premiere cost around ninety five hundred.

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Cathay Pacific Hong Kong’s national airline Cathay Pacific go for quality over quantity which is why they’re first class cabins only have six seats it means they can really attend to your every need and charge around 28,000 for a round trip you’re greeted on arrival with a glass of finest Krug champagne your chair which also turns into a bed as a massage function when you decide it’s bedtime your flight attendant will make the bed for you plus you can use your personal LCD touchscreen display to turn the lights down however with a service compiled by Michelin star chefs available whenever you like not just a designated meal times you may not want to go to sleep it’s the sound of the plane coupled with the noise coming from your five fellow passengers eating starts to get on your nerves don’t worry Cathay Pacific give all of their passengers a pair of state-of-the-art bose noise-canceling headphones which you can use to watch your own personal TV that should do it.
Qatar Airways named best airline in the world by aviation magazine Skytrax in 2015 Qatar Airways first-class service as a reputation for luxury and some amazing designer freebies all their first-class travellers receive a bag of stunning Armani toiletries and a pair of designer pyjamas from the wide company of course your seat turns into a bed with its own snugly tuve if you don’t fancy sleeping watch a movie on your own 48 centimeter HD personal TV screen however with Qatar Airways it’s the little touches how many airlines have you been on that put roses in their bathrooms when you’re on a long flight you often need to stretch your legs on a guitar airways line you can visit the lounge complete with leather sofas and a fully stocked bar so if you’ve got eight thousand dollars available for your next trip from London to Cape Town grab one of the eight available first-class seats. Emirates Skytrax best airline in the world for 2016 was emirates taking Qatar Airways crown and you can see why while most other airlines give you a seat with first class on Emirates you get your own private cabin it has its own flat bed with vanity table and fully loaded minibar very nice however the real perk is that you get your own private shower that’s right with Emirates there’s no excuse for getting off your flight feeling a bit stinky you’ll smell like your complimentary Bulgarian timeless spa toiletries instead if your own mini bar isn’t enough for you you’re free to visit the real bar in the first-class section of the plane if that’s not enough there’s also the pajamas it being Emirates there are no ordinary pajamas there hydroactive pajamas that keep your skin moist while you’re wearing them they really have thought of everything a flight from New York to Dubai will set you back around 20,000$ but for the hydroactive pajamas I would say that’s more than worth it.
Edda hat if you’ve ever wanted to travel in your own private plane cabin which is probably bigger than your house then the residents from Etihad Airways is the choice for you the residents really is just one step down from a private plane travelers received their own cabin with its own living room bathroom and bedroom the living room has a 32 inch touchscreen HDTV the bathroom contains its own shower and the double bed is nearly seven feet long big enough for a basketball player you also get your own personal Butler trained at the Savoy in London who will attend to your every need designer toiletries are a complementary of course but with Etihad you also get your own bathrobe that’s a new one the residence is redefining luxury but it comes with a price tag to match flights in the residence cost around $30,000 for a one-way trip so make sure you enjoy.
Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines Suites class also offer travelers their own private space with extra wide seat big TV and more but what if you’re traveling with your partner well you can retract your privacy wall and fold out your two seats to make a big double bed your attendant will give you a mattress topper to make you extra comfy the suits are designed by Jean Jacques Cousteau who is more famous as a designer of luxury yachts well no expense has been spared its lucky John Jacques decided not to put a massive sail in the middle of the cabin as for those attendants singapore airlines have the reputation for having the best staff in the industry trained to make sure you wait for nothing from the glass of Dom Perignon you receive as you step on the plane to the menu compiled by a top chefs Singapore Airlines ensure you travel in style a suite costs around $18,000 for a roundtrip  private jets once you’ve decided even your own private apartment on an airline isn’t luxurious enough for you it’s time to start looking at private jets luckily there are many companies that have kitted out all kinds of aeroplanes and they would be happy to take your money you could choose an Airbus a318 VIP kitted out with its own private office and a bathroom that spans the width of the plane alternatively there’s the Bombardier global 7000 which holds ten passengers as the six eat dinner table and it’s capable of 7,000 miles nonstop flight perhaps the last word in private jets for hire is the Boeing 737 or business chat it can hold 19 passengers so I non-stop for 12 hours but it also holds a conference room a fully fitted kitchen and a private master bedroom with the Kings I bet it’s usually hired by heads of state and when they fly around the world prices sit at around $20,000 oh not per trip per hour.
the big bunny probably the real-life equivalent of Austin towers plane the big bunny belong to playboy founder Hugh Hefner bought in the late 1960s the big bunny was a modified dc9 it had a range long enough to fly anywhere in the world and it did Hefner blinged it out with custom lighting and an onboard disco with fully stocked bar the outside was painted entirely black which was revolutionary at a time of course being Playboy we have to talk about the stewardesses they were known as the jet bunnies and they didn’t dress like ordinary cabin crew when did you last see your flight attendant wearing a leather miniskirt and bunny ears Hefner himself had his own private cabin aboard the big bunny with the regulation circular bed and private shower room it could hold 38 people and guests include Elvis Presley who borrowed it for a tour in 1975 Hefner sold the big money to Venezuela Airlines where it flew commercially until 2004 let’s hope they removed the circular bed.
 Boeing 747-430 owned by Sultana Brunei he’s worth 40 billion dollars so you won’t see the Sultana Brunei flying economy class ever why would he need to anyway he has this dad boy a Boeing 747 430 fully stocked with everything of Sultan could wish for the plane caused a hundred million dollars in the Sultan spent another 100 million decorating it it’s more like a palace than a plane it’s got a living room bedroom and bathroom fully decked out with golden crystal including wash basins made of solid gold that must put a strain on the engine the Sultan isn’t the tide to sit back and let his personal pilot do all the work either in 2012 air traffic controllers in India were surprised to win the voice on the radio requesting permission to land was that of the Sultan himself he then flew it in for a perfect landing the boeing is only one of the Sultan’s fleet of seven planes one for every day of the week he also has two helicopters.
Airbus a380 the Airbus a380 is largest and best-known commercial airliner in the world it can hold

around 850 passengers strangely considering its size its touted as the next big thing in private jets charter companies are snapping up secondhand a380s redesigning them to unimaginable standards of luxury and hiring them out to heads of state and VIPs for their own personal use the price only sixty thousand dollars per hour to buy one cost around four hundred million you think that price tag would be out of reach for most people not everybody however Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia put his name down for one into earmarked another hundred million to decorated in his own personal style he designed his plane to include a concert hall with grand piano a steam room five master bedrooms a garage for a rolls-royce and a prayer room with mats that electronically rotate so they’re always facing Mecca disappointingly for undisclosed reasons the deal never happened Airbus canceled the order don’t worry about Prince Alwaleed oh he still got a Boeing 747 with the throne in the middle of It.