Reason For Most Airplanes Are Being White

The main reason why aircraft are painted white or light colors is to reflect sunlight and minimize both the heating in any potential damage from the solar radiation it’s basically the same as putting sunblock on for example in a sunny day if you’re wearing a dark-colored sure you’ll heat up more than you will if you’re wearing a white collared shirt . the most important parts to keep the light colored and protected from the sunlight are the parts that are plastic or composite materials

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carbon fiber fiberglass etc those tend to be the nose cone which is needs to be transparent because there’s a radar behind it so that’s a plastic material and also often the in modern airplanes the control surfaces are made out of composite materials so they’ll normally be painted either white or sometimes will be painted the light gray color there’s nothing wrong necessarily with painting an airplane of color another thing that tends to happen with the paint is over time it will oxidize so if you’re painting something red after a while when it’s exposed both to the Sun and also environmental conditions it’ll tend to kind of lighten up a little bit anyway because of oxidization some airlines historically have tried to use no pain at all so for a long time american airlines have their airplanes just as metal colored so that they didn’t have any protection and again it’s not a big deal for the metal parts problem is that those airplanes would start to tarnish over time so they had to spend on time and money to polish them frequently so most airlines now have gone to light colored paint airplanes

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