People Still Living Most Dangerous Buildings In The World

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Most of us live in homes that are safe and secure thanks to modern health and safety regulations rickety or damaged buildings tend to get demolished for the well-being of the public and houses are generally built in geographically safe locations however there are still some terrifying structures that people aren’t happy to call home here are the top 10 super dangerous buildings that people actually still live in a bagsy.
1.Castellfollit de la Roca Spain Castellfollit de la Roca is a picturesque town in the Spanish region of Catalonia which has been inhabited for a thousand years and it is not a place to live if you have a fear of heights as the name suggests the town clings on to a rock face houses sit on the edge of a 160 foot drop from the basalt crack which overlooks the countryside and rivers surrounding the town the narrow main street winds through the whole settlement and the houses press in on both sheer sides of the cliff making the place look as if it’s been stretched out over the kilometer-long rock formation the crag was originally formed thousands of years ago when a volcano erupted and the rivers of lava eventually formed the basis for this old medieval town some of the oldest houses in the city centre are actually made from this dark volcanic rock let’s just hope that no one here sleep walks out of their backyard
2.Solvay Hut on a Belgian climber Ernest Solvay donated a mountain ID for the Matterhorn in the Alps it was built over five days in August in 1915 in recognition of the fact that storms or avalanches on mountains can cost lives and sometimes you need emergency shelter the materials for the building were brought up the mountain by using animals in a small temporary cable car the hut sits on a Ledge at just over 4,000 metres 1,300 feet up the Matterhorn on the northeast Ridge making it the highest and most remote mountain on owned by the Swiss Alpine Club which is the largest mountaineering Club in Switzerland it’s a very simple construction with 10 beds and has only been rebuilt once in 1966 in 1976 the hut net a technological upgrade when it was fitted with an emergency radio telephone now the Solvey Hut simply waits to provide food and shelter to climbers who get into trouble on the popular route Mountain summit
3.Meteora monasteries this super dangerous building is a UNESCO World Heritage Site close to the town of kalambaka in central Greece the meteora meaning hovering in the air is a formation of huge monolithic pillars and boulders the size of Hills in the ninth century a group of monks moved into the caverns in the meteora and a few centuries later they built monasteries as high as they could on a pinnacles of the formation this was great for them as they could avoid persecution by the encroaching Turkish occupation but the only way of reaching the monasteries was by rock climbing or getting hauled up in a basket by a monk pulling on rope there are no stairs in the monasteries until the 1920s but now there are steps paths and roads so it’s no longer necessary to be yanked up in a basket of the 24 original monasteries six are still inhabited by monks and nuns these remaining monasteries are perched on high cliffs which now have staircases cutting to the rock it’s still a really long way down 4. Xuan Kong Si aka hanging temple China floods bring ruin and devastation but some clever folk have found ways of avoiding the effect of destructive torrents of water take for example xuan kong otherwise known as the hanging temple this structure is said to have been built by a monk called Lee al Ron in order to avoid flooding and provide a good place for silent meditation the temple is built into a cliff 75 metres above ground it’s the only remaining temple that represents all of China’s traditional religions Taoism Buddhism and Confucianism oak cross beams are plugged into holes in the side of the cliff and these beams support corridors and walkways which connect the 40 rooms of the temple the main support structure is hidden deep in the bedrock from a distance it looks as if the temple is hanging in midair hence its name it also looks precarious as if one broken beam would send it all crashing down but it’s remained attached to the rock face for 1400 years
5.Runwell Road Wickford, Essex a building doesn’t have to be on a cliffside or a mountain ledge to be dangerous despite all the best planning in the world sometimes your house is just in the wrong place the pin family from Essex claim that they have the most dangerous home in Britain over a period of five years there have been 60 car crashes on the stretch of road just outside their house cars have flipped over into their garden smashed into their trees and crashed through their fence they don’t bother having a fence anymore they regularly have to call the police fire and ambulance services to attend deadly incidents on their doorstep after having to pay over 2000 and repair bills the family have been petitioning the local council to reduce the 60 mile per hour speed limit on the road until then they live in suspense about when the next vehicle will come careering into their garden or maybe into their kitchen
6.Lichtenstein Castle Germany Lichtenstein castle is a beautiful fairytale building which is not actually located in the country of Liechtenstein it’s actually in Germany in the southwest state of baden-württemberg and sits at a height of about 117 meters look familiar it should it was the inspiration behind the famous disney castle what makes this fairytale castle a super dangerous building the outer wall is built on the edge of a cliff also as castles go this is practically a baby built in 1840 so its durability is uncertain all the previous structures which were built on this location were destroyed why because it’s on the edge of a cliff The Dukes of Urich are its current tenants the tourists are welcome just don’t walk out of any of those really large windows above the precipice and plummet to your death
7. Pink houses New York Brooklyn tenants in the louis h pink houses claim that their homes have been completely neglected by the city authorities the pink houses are notorious is the most dangerous projects in New York City the stairwells are unlit with authorities apparently reluctant to come in and replace light bulbs or do other repairs so the building is becoming dilapidated and unsafe the elevators malfunction regularly so there is often no choice but to use the dark stairwells and there aren’t very many security cameras the result of this official neglect it’s a dark and scary place where drugs and firearms are easy to hide and violent crime occurs and it’s not always safer when the police arrive in 2014 a rookie accidentally killed a man in an unlit stairwell in the pink houses
8.The leaning towers of Santos Brazil in the city of Santos in Brazil the waterfront is lined with high-rise apartment buildings it should provide an elegant view from the water but unfortunately these buildings tilt to one side like the leaning tower of pizza unlike the Tower of Pisa these buildings are still inhabited construction began in the 1940s long before building code restrictions were brought in in 1968 for multi-story buildings the foundations should reach bedrock which is about 50 meters deep in Santos however the foundations of the waterfront apartment blocks are only 4 or 5 metres deep in fact below the sand there is a deep bit of slippery clay which is not cope well at all with heavy buildings there are about 100 leaning buildings in Santos residents live in fear the domino effect once one falls over won’t the rest follow although they look like they’re about to topple over any moment structural engineers say that most buildings collapse vertically so this shouldn’t happen to you wait most buildings so this could happen
9.Coral white tree houses the coral-y tribe from the Indonesian province of papow were left mostly undisturbed by the world until 1974 it’s a hot humid and remote region of rainforests full of unfriendly animals and with a high risk of flooding the coral-y clans have adapted to life in this inhospitable place by living in tree houses these are not your regular tree houses they are magnificent architectural structures made from all sorts of materials found in the surrounding jungle the stilts are made from Ironwood and helped to protect the house from arson attacks by annoying neighbors the tree house is usually made in one sturdy banyan tree with the top cut off the structures range in height from 6 to 12 meters but have been recorded as high as 35 meters the height of the houses also protects the family from the swarms of mosquitoes below the coral wine make liners out of dried bark and use these to climb up and down from their house they may not look roomy but each coral white tree house can accommodate up to a dozen people

10.Phoenix house Hawaii have you ever wished that you could live at the foot of an active volcano well now you can Phoenix house in Hawaii is only four miles away from moon Aloha one of the largest volcanoes on earth the house is located in the town of kalapana which was mostly buried by lava flows in 1986 technically those lava flows were from a different volcano Kilauea it erupted in 1983 and is still a ruptal Hawaii has five volcanoes and three of them are active a few people still live in the town of kalapana but they need four-wheel drive vehicles to get in and out Moen Aloha hasn’t erupted since the 1980s but as it’s historically erupted every 15 years or so it’s probably overdue you can currently rent the one bedroom Phoenix house through Airbnb the host who lives right next door named the house after the mythical bird which rises from ashes symbolizing the cycle of death and rebirth let’s hope that cycle doesn’t come around again too soon what’s the most dangerous building you’ve ever heard of tell me about it in the comments section .

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