Most Unsafe Tourist Destinations In The World-Top List

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Most dangerous tourist destinations You Wont See :
New Smyrna Beach forget all that fun in the Sun beach volleyball sandcastle and wave riding kind of weather Florida is one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to beaches in the summer but it’s also a state that’s home to one of the most dangerous tourist beaches in the world at New Smyrna there have been a recorded 238 cases of sharks being violent towards humans in fact the Guinness Book of World Records has it as the shark capital of the world when it comes to shark related incidents and it might have something to do with the fact there’s a nearby inlet of water that is said to be an immensely fertile environment for sharks to find prey most of the time these bull sharks are young and probably don’t even realize they’re going after humans instead of other fish still it’s best not to get too far out in the water after all there are other beaches in Florida
Half Dome this granite dome is located in the popular Yosemite National Park in California as stated in its name the Half Dome has smooth round side say 1 which makes it an interesting climb for willing rock climbers nearly 200 years ago this Half Dome was considered perfectly inaccessible but human will has seemed to prove that wrong or at least as long as they could prove it Half Dome is considered one of the most dangerous hikes in the United States so up to 3,000 people visit the trail during the weekends in the summer and since the surface can be incredibly smooth that also means it’s incredibly slippery apparently there are up to 300 search-and-rescue incidents every year
 all Nick Gardens these Gardens are something right out of a gothic novel located beside Olenick Castle in Northumberland Olenick is one of the most dangerous gardens in the world you wouldn’t even know it at just a glance pictures there’s neatly arranged shrubs and even a notable water cascade that people love to take a picture of when visiting the gardens have been around since the mid 1700s though they faded in glory after a while only to be revived over 200 years later with the revival was the addition of the poison garden in 2005 and Olenick has gained a new kind of popularity besides things like deadly nightshade hemlock and foxglove being planted in the garden there’s also education on addictive substances such as poppy in cannabis
 Image result for Death Valley National ParkDeath Valley National Park:despite the name Death Valley proves to be a popular tourist attraction mostly in part there’s a lot of great views to take in from blooming flowers to scenic jagged surfaces and sand dunes visitors come from all over to experience the outdoor scenery located in eastern California what makes this desert Valley so dangerous of course is the heat with temperatures reaching up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit the highest temperature ever recorded on the Earth’s surface it’s basically a huge vast oven and if you don’t bring enough water here the human body can only last a couple hours strangely enough incidents involving cars is another reason why Death Valley is so dangerous as there’s very steep downhill roads that people may not realize are there
 Cliffs of Moher most people might recognize the Cliffs of Moher as it is an iconic landscape in Ireland that lots of movies like to set their epic cliffside scenes in and as beautiful as it is walking alongside these cliffs is also really dangerous and not just because they’re so high up in fact you would be about 700 feet or 210 metres up from the water below couple that with the fact that the grass gets wet and slippery often and the winds can be really strong these cliffs are no stranger to people becoming susceptible to these conditions as long as you stick to the path laid ahead of you things should be fine but many visitors like to venture out a little closer to the edge some do so on purpose and jump
13 Ilha da Queimada Grande if your Portuguese isn’t so good Ilha da Queimada Grande also goes by the name snake island it’s considered the deadliest island in the world and can be found on the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean snake island is so named as it has the highest concentration of venomous snakes on earth about ninety miles away from Sao Paulo the island here is home to thousands of lancehead Viper –zz whose Venom’s can take down one human in less than an hour making these Vipers the deadliest in the world word has it that some of the snakes were placed on the island a long time ago by pirates who wanted to protect their gold since there’s no ground predators on the island snakes are able to thrive more freely
boa viagem Beach like New Smyrna this is another Beach that’s notorious for being infested with sharks a nice view of the beach and you’d think it was like any other beautiful waterside destination in South America the water seemingly clear the setting tropical and sunny but there have been 56 shark incidents in the past 20 years 21 of them being fatal the sharks near this Beach are said to be highly aggressive being a mixture of bull and tiger sharks that reside here the trench near the coast is used by sharks as a sort of migratory guide and it makes it easier for them to hunt the water here as you can see is also clear so it draws in sharks that are escaping more polluted waters
Mount Washington located in New Hampshire Mount Washington is a popular Natural Landmark as it is the highest peak in the northeastern region of the United States it stands at 6,200 88.2 feet tall or 1916 point 6 meters so not only is it super high up there but the area also holds the record for the highest recorded speed of winds at 203 miles per hour or 327 kilometers per hour the fastest in the world and then there’s the fact that it’s also a really cold environment if you couldn’t tell by the frozen over buildings the temperatures here reach as low as negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit with the snowfalls here heavy compared to other peaks in the world it’s actually not that tall and yet it’s still one of the most dangerous
 Danakil desert you’ll find this desert in southern Eritrea and Northeast Ethiopia in East Africa the Danakil desert spans over 100 thousand square kilometres and is an arid environment the site at this desert is a lot different than you’re used to seeing in other deserts of the world instead of just sandy dunes or brush ridden surfaces the outdoors here appear more alien light otherworldly temperatures reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or over plus it’s home to things like geysers and volcanoes if that kind of heat doesn’t scare you then maybe the fact that those geysers and volcanoes are also known to spew out toxic gases will to visit the Danakil desert  not being accompanied with an experienced guide is prohibited
volcanoes in Hawaii there’s a few things people love visiting the islands of Hawaii for the beach the food the culture the good vibes and the volcanoes if it’s the last option on that list that intrigues you then Hawaii is the perfect vacation spot for you as it’s riddled with volcanoes a lot of which you’re allowed to visit these volcanoes are often active and that’s part of the thrill a few tours will only need you to pay a fee somewhere around $100 and then you’re driven to the volcanic sites the threat of lava flow and release of toxic gases should always make anyone really wary what makes these trips so dangerous is not just the fact you’re going right up against an active volcano but the fact that the ride down from them on a bike is very tricky .
 Mont Blanc is a tallest mountain in Europe
Colorado River you’re probably wondering what’s more dangerous about the Colorado river’s compared to other rivers tourists love to whitewater raft here all the time but just in the last decade there have been at least 12 fatalities and over 176 injuries concerning the river system many underestimate how strong the water can be and often are not properly equipped to add to that there’s also been way too many cases of people being intoxicated while trying to travel the waters
Kokoda trail if you think you’re up for a hike through the forests of Papua New Guinea keep in mind that it’s going to be humid and full of leeches the Kokoda trail is said to be one of the most dangerous rainforest hikes you could take the trail spans about 100 kilometers or 60 miles which would take hikers about six days to get through if they had ten hours a day it also comes with a bunch of mosquitoes that could possibly be carrying malaria not only is nature a big factor in to how dangerous the whole experience could be the area has been known to be prone to crime with others preying on tourists not familiar with the area for
madidi national park madidi national park is located in bolivia you see the dense forest in this photo but really most of the scenes out of the park are actually quite scenic found in the upper Amazon River Basin the park has a span of 18,000 958 square kilometres it is a wildly protected site but it also has its share of dangers in the form of poisonous plants animals here are said to be highly aggressive too with lots of creepy crawlies being tropical parasites you don’t want anywhere near you
Pattaya elephant Kingdom now this is a place that seems have been designed to put you in danger tourists I visited the Pattaya elephant Kingdom in Thailand get to be all up-close and pretty personal with the animals found at the tourist attraction which from the name it’s inferred that it’s mostly elephants but one of the biggest attractions on the site is the floating cage over waters that are just full of crocodiles in fact just last year Pattaya elephant Kingdom was closed since there were many safety concerns with the floating cage being one of them the wooden platform holds up to 15 people and has a 1.5 meter high fence which has been deemed not safe enough for tourists to be behind
Gumm chakra located in Kamchatka Russia is a place known as the valley of geysers that name in itself doesn’t seem so threatening does it in the Far East region is this valley which also happens to spew a bunch of toxic gases into the area how toxic well it can affect every living thing in sight from humans to animals to plants the more concentrated the geysers are the less plants you’ll see in the area humans exposed to the gases are said to feel quite sick afterwards

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