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Lazy Weight Loss Hack Tricks That Works-11 lbs In Few Days

healthy living it’s a lifestyle choice and sometimes I do take a little break from that lifestyle to eat you know cake ice cream pizza speed and cheese burritos every day and on top of it all kind of stopped working out for a little bit – and then when summertime rolls around I wonder what my little shorts don’t fit anymore so I figured since it is little shorts weather and a lot of us are trying to meet those summer body goals right now I’m going to show you guys my own personal tips tricks hacks little changes that you can make daily to meet those body goals and to just feel better mentally and physically which is what we all really want right and you’ll do it without feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.  so being active obviously you’re going to meet your goals faster but I mean sometimes you just don’t want to be active sometimes you don’t want to go to the gym sometimes you don’t want to be around people don’t trip two words bed exercises google them there’s so many that you can do literally from the comfort of your own bedroom and you don’t have to get dressed you don’t got to see nobody while you’re watching your favorite TV show do your bed exercises when a commercial break comes on do your exercises you can do butt naked if you want to so ok you know when you go to put on your shorts that you love and like they just aren’t fitting anymore even though you want to burn them and cry a little bit save those shorts because you want to use those to measure yourself instead of the scale because I know the scale isn’t really an accurate picture of your progress you know so save those shorts and try to fit back in those shorts instead of just weighing yourself all the time so if you’re the type to like be on the phone for hours maybe your best friend is calling she has some tea for you your boyfriend is calling your girlfriend is calling put the call on hold if you know it’s going to be a long one put on your tennis shoes and go outside because about time you hang up the phone after the conversation is done you realize that you just worked out without even knowing it that was like an hour long walk and it didn’t even feel like it and you got privacy with your phone call if you’re in school and you’re busy or you work a lot and you’re busy or you just don’t really feel like cooking whenever like you’re hungry oh just press if this is going to be the best thing that you ever did if you are not already doing this basically you want to spend at the beginning of the week spend like an hour or two making one big giant healthy meal then you want to split that big giant healthy meal into a bunch of small healthy meals then you just put them in the fridge like you would leftovers you can make enough for two days you can make enough for five days you can make enough for seven days it’s up to you then the next time that you’re at school or work or you’re just feeling really lazy you won’t be tempted to order Chipotle because your food will be ready for you to eat if you’re trying to make healthier food options you’re going to have cravings yeah you’re going to want that pizza you’re going to want that that’s spaghetti but you don’t have to deprive yourself completely just try to choose a healthier version for instance if you want pizza maybe make like a portobello mushroom pizza instead it’s actually pretty bomb instead of making a big giant bowl of processed pasta with sauce you can make a big giant bowl of zucchini noodles with sauce and by replacing your favorite like unhealthy foods with a healthy option it’ll keep you sane if you plan to go to the gym it’s easy to bail on yourself because you don’t got to answer to yourself if you make plans with a friend you’re going to be like seventy percent less likely to bail I kind of just made that number up but it sounds right so just try to find someone to make plans with sometimes this way like you’re more motivated to actually go out and it’s more fun honestly when you are on this healthy lifestyle journey you’re gonna cheat it’s okay yeah you don’t got to be perfect but one thing you can do is take your notebook or whatever you’re going to use and write down how you felt after you cheated did you feel sluggish did you feel yucky did you feel tired as you regret it do you feel guilty do you feel great how did you feel this way next time you’re trying to be good and you really want to cheat you can refer back to that letter you wrote yourself and see if it’s really worth it we’re putting our short shorts sometimes we’re going to get a little insecure about the dimples and imperfections although they are totally normal if you are feeling like this try and at-home spray tan this is honestly well my favorite things in the entire world because they create to the illusion of a more toned leg or more toned abs without actually doing anything to get it and it’s not makeup so it doesn’t get all over the place I like the at-home spray tans now a lot of times we overeat because we think that we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty so a cool trick to do it’s kind of an old one but worth repeating is drinking a large glass of water 20 minutes before you eat because as it settles in your stomach you start to feel a lot less hungry usually you were also thirsty as well just didn’t know it until you drink the water alright friends if you’re trying to meet some goals but you don’t want to be like you know miserable the entire time hopefully these tips and I like to do help.