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18. Magic Mountain Hotel Room– Deep inside the rainforests of Chile, lies a magical place full of fairy tales and dreams. Immerse yourself in the heart of the Magic Mountain Hotel as you can view the beautiful waterfall spouting from your room as well as enjoying the natural scenery. It truly does sound magical.
17. Best of the West Hotel Room– Take yourself back to the wild, wild west with this designer style ranch hotel room at the Adobe Grand Villas in Sedona, Arizona .This bed and breakfast inn is all decked out with all western theme to knock your boots off, not to mention how awesome is that covered wagon-style bed?
16. Legoland hotel room– I guess you can really make anything out of legos! Well it’s not literally made out legos, but LEGOland in California has a lego themed hotel! All 250 hotel rooms are lego theme, anywhere from pirates to astronauts, you can choose what you want! Each hotel room is equipped with tv’s and various amenities to suit you and your family.
15. Caveman room– You can live in luxury, caveman style at the Madonna Inn located at San Luis Obispo, California. Made entirely out of solid rock, experience the stone age in this hotel room decorated with animal prints, a rock pond and a waterfall that flows in a stone sink basin leading into the bathroom.
14. Yankee Historic Ferryboat hotel room– This revamped Yankee ferryboat is anything short of awesome. It’s one of the nation’s oldest known ferry boats and has been turned into a lovely getaway. Complete with five bedrooms, artistic bohemian imagery and an old school steering wheel, this hotel room is chock full of history. The hotel room decor is whimsical and very colorful, and you can’t beat waking up to New York’s city line view.
  13. Batman suite– The dark knight’s not gonna rise after you stay in this comfy Batman suite room in Taiwan. Tricked out with a queen size bed, flatscreen tv and the batmobile coming out of the wall, you can rent the room by the hour, since it’s not actually a hotel but a motel.
 12. Escape Pods hotel rooms– This hotel room isn’t for those who are claustrophobic. For 60 euros a night, you can experience the solidity of sleeping overnight in these little capsules. It’s an offshore oil rig escape pod converted into a hotel room. It’s an alternative accommodation and can be comfy for a temporary stay. They’re strong enough to survive an explosion and it’s even completed with a hammock and a fishing net.
11. Ice Suite– Hotel de Glace aka ice hotel in Canada has a frozen suite available for nightly stays, and when I say frozen, I literally mean frozen. It’s made entirely out of solid ice, and even has an awesome ice slide decorated with Anna and Olaf the snowman. Just be sure to wear warm clothes so you don’t freeze your butt off.
10. Barbie suite– Life in plastic, is fantastic when you stay at the Barbie suite hotel room at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. This lavish suite isn’t actually for kids, but for adults. Decorated with Barbie print chairs, art, vinyls and Barbie dolls, it also has sparkly floors, cozy fireplace and a glamorous spa tub.
9. Whitepod hotel room– In Switzerland, you can bask in this eco geodesic dome in the Alps. The hotel room is eco friendly and it gives it a modern twist on indoor camping; you’ll forget that you’re even in a hotel. It includes a wood burning stove and and a breathtaking view of the white fallen snow.
8. Chocolate suite– If you have a sweet tooth, the chocolate suite is the place to be. This entire room is made out of chocolate, from the carpet to the headboard. Creator karl Lagerfeld teamed with Magnum ice cream and chocolatier Patrick Roger to design the chocolate suite in Paris, France.
7. James Bond Lair-The super luxurious James Bond suite is definitely a show stopper. The double 07 room contains an entire catalog of James Bond films as well as famous props and a giant screen facing the bed. Moviegoers will be sure to get a kick out of this.
6. Boscolo Exedra Luxury hotel– Built in the heart of Milan’s fashion district, it was inspired by Italian art, style and fashion it contains a retro fusion of modern and futuristic themes. All 154 rooms, have their own unique and creative layout, you just have to pick which one you like.
5. Bubble hotel room– Enjoy a night out under the stars without the traditional camping methods. It’s a big hit for couples who want to get away and also very essential for stargazers. The huge plastic domes also offer provide a cover tent for privacy and each room is equipped with a bed and the staff also caters out special requests.
4. Panic room– This eye popping room offers an aesthetic design that may not be pleasing to the room. This hotel room is divided completely down the middle, half of it in expressive and bright graffiti and the other half in bold and bland white. For some guests, it may bring out their inner OCD or artistic expression when staying in the room since it is unlike any other.
3. Giraffe Manor hotel room– Built on private property is the quaint and cozy Giraffe manor located in Kenya, where guests can interact with giraffes in their very own hotel room. The hotel room is an open space where giraffes can freely pop their heads in and can even be fed. For $500 a night, the Giraffe Manor gives all money and profits to the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife to help protect endangered species.
2. Jules’ Underwater Lodge hotel room– This undersea hotel is fit for those who love the ocean. Guests can experience the heart of the sea in their hotel rooms which is submerged twenty feet underwater. Guests can watch fish, barracudas and even snappers swimming around. The entrance to this underwater paradise is so unique that you have to scuba dive to see the entrance to the underwater hotel.
1. Jumbo Hostel– Airplanes may not be a very comfy place to rest when traveling, but the Jumbo hostel is a stationary airplane served to house hotel guests, equipped with 27 rooms, each “hotel room” has three bed and with a flat screen tv and guests can look at departure times for all flights. Guests will able to enjoy their stay without having to worry about taking off.

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