Hidden Facts About President TRUMP’S Vehicle Must Know

10 Amaging facts about president Trump’s vehicle whole new vehicle historically the presidential vehicle has been created by Cadillac although it’s modified from the models available to civilians since most of us don’t eat a stockpile of weapons and hitting compartments in our vehicles this makes sense this vehicle however is unlike any former presidential vehicle it’s based on the Chevy Kodiak a truck that hasn’t been made since 2009 these vehicles are extremely rugged and were used from everything from dunk crepes to u-hauls while it has the raw diesel power of the Kodiak design-wise it’s a sedan type vehicle despite its size some trim pieces are standard such as the headlamp from the Escalade and tail light from the discontinued SPS the exposed chrome on the door handles and around the windows add a little beauty to this feast

Bullet proof the fact that the president of vehicle is bulletproof definitely isn’t mind blowing on its own since that seems like a standard feature in presidential vehicles the incredible part is just how bulletproof it is in fact it’s doubtful that there is a more heavily armored vehicle anywhere in the world its armored plating is so thick that the doors are nearly impossible to open from the outside they weigh as much as the doors on a Boeing 757 aircraft made for the combination of dual hardest steel aluminum titanium and ceramic the beast would stand strong to even the most powerful projectiles even the windows are made up of five layers of glass and polycarbonate each an entire inch thick the front windshield can withstand armor-piercing bullets or a 44 Magnum

Chemical resistant so while the Beast may be more than able to stand up to gun fire what about a chemical attack after all it takes more than just some extra steel to keep passengers safe in the event chemicals are used by an enemy even all the weapons stock piled inside the car won’t help you if you’re up against dangerous gases and if a shotgun and grill mounted guns don’t help you out of a situation you know it’s gotten pretty serious the heavy doors are designed to create a perfect seal when closed this means that offensive chemicals won’t be able to seep inside to harm passengers there is also an oxygen system stored in the trunk just in case the attacks makes a difficult to breed

weaponry if the best defense is a good offense then Trump’s vehicle is the safest car on the road we all hate it when a fellow driver tailgates us instead of passively aggressively slowing down fred has the option of using tear gas cannons mounted on the rear bumper although the vehicle is always accompanied by armed Secret Service agents it also comes with its own pump action shotgun just in case there is also a gun mounted behind the front grille although we aren’t privy to the details it seems that the trunk is also chock full of weapons so if you’re the kind of person who likes to drive close to the bumper in front of you why won’t be that person this is one vehicle you definitely want to give it space
Diesel what keeps an armored beast up and running diesel fuel of course the beast is believed to use a Duramax diesel engine similar to the ones inside Chevy and GMC is most powerful full-size heavy duty pickup trucks diesel engines are known for the durability and this is especially important if you’re designing a vehicle to withstand chemical attacks gum fire and more in addition diesel fuel is less volatile than other fuel types which produces at the risk of explosions it’s also readily available all over the world which makes it handy for traveling and just in case someone takes aim at the fuel truck with enough force to cause even diesel to explode they’d have to first penetrate the tank itself under its armored plating it’s filled with a special foam which prevents it from exploding even under direct fire
Trunk full of blood some of us store a lot of literal junk in our trunks empty water bottles spare pairs of shoes and those canvas shopping bags we always forget to take in the store with us are frequently seen in our cars we’ve heard of the belly of the beast but it’s the trunk of this space that stores some items that could prove essential in case of an attack we know that there are weapons and oxygen in the tank already but what else would you need in an emergency here’s a hint you have some running through your veins right now trunk full of blood sounds like an awesome death metal album but it’s actually an accurate description of the Beast in case of an emergency blood transfusion the trunk is chock full of blood in the president’s preferred blood type
Specially trained drivers having the most indestructible and powerful vehicle in the world doesn’t do a lot of good if you don’t have anybody to drive it and you need more than a squeaky clean driving record to qualify for this position to start out with you need to be a member of the Secret Service while details of their training is kept classified for obvious reasons we do know some of the skills they need to learn and they’re straight out of a Bond movie you’ve heard of defensive driving but these agents learn offensive driving they need to be able to master ramming other vehicles without putting their passengers or themselves at risk just in case they need to make a hasty retreat they learn to reverse at high speeds and perfect the 180 degrees j-turn the driver needs to learn to think of their vehicle as a weapon without resorting to stepping out of it and engaging in a gun fight and because only the driver side window is capable of opening they have the most important job of all placing the drive through order at Taco Bell
Tires in action movies it seems like tires are always the place bad guys aim for and something as simple as a carefully placed spike trap can derail a normal vehicle no matter how large there’s no thorn in the paw for this beast though its tires are gigantic and reinforced by the Kevlar the same material used to make bulletproof vests they’re resistant to shredding and punctures and are what’s known as run-flat tires which means that you can continue to drive on them for a period of time even if the tire goes flat the steel rims are also reinforced to help the vehicle make it to safety in the event of an emergency after all it’d be rather embarrassing for the President of the United States to be seen waiting on the side of the road while someone changes his tire
It comes with an airplane while we look for cars that come with luxury features such as Bluetooth satellite radio wear extra cupholders props vehicle comes with a luxury few can afford its own airplane the plane is a high wing 4 engine detailed military transport aircraft known as a c-17 Globemaster manufactured by Boeing this massive aircraft is large enough to accommodate a heavily armored suburban communications vehicle known as Roadrunner a second limo and of course the Beast itself the roadrunner is said to act as a mobile communications office and is linked to a military satellite the plane is designed to transport massive quantities of cargo incredibly long distances even in unpredictable weather conditions turbulence is no trouble for this behemoth of the skies it’s military grade and features four pratt & whitney pw4000 deuces forty thousand four hundred and forty pounds of thrust
Other accessories as of all the other mind-blowing features we mentioned weren’t enough the beef has a special set of unique accessories these tactical items would be at home in any secret agents toolkit it’s outfitted with a night-vision camera perfect for driving in any condition or is taking out your trash cans to see if it’s the raccoon or your neighbor’s dog that keeps knocking them over while we’ve already gone over most of the weapons inside the beast there is one we haven’t mentioned it’s known as the nuclear football and it’s in the Beast anytime Trump is carried by one of his military aides this enables him to order a nuclear strike within 15 minutes most of us for probably picturing a big red button that says do not press but it’s actually equipment and authentification paperwork the suspension has been upgraded from previous models and provides protection against roadside bombs and speed bumps we’re unfortunately not kidding about the speed bump thing as it’s actually been a major issue for past presidential vehicles while president Trump may be used to being in the lap of luxury we wonder how comfortable he is being encapsulated in this kind of security it goes pretty far above and beyond what most people ever experience and it’s just one vehicle if you had the chance to customize your own presidential vehicle what would you add to it and what would the name.

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