Find Out These Strange Animals Are Really Exist or Not

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Extraordinary animals you had no idea But existed
Pinocchio frog it also goes by the name spike nose tree frog and it was discovered by accidents somehow it managed to guess on a bag of rice at a campsite although it was found in New Guinea in 2008 there was no information about it out there until 2010 it owes its name to its long nose resembling the famous character Pinocchio turns out it’s not just a useless limb but quite functional or rather emotional organ this Rob’s nose has some remarkable abilities when someone or something touches the Frog or when it feels in danger the nose lifts up when the animal is not so active and feels peaceful and safe the nose relaxes and sinks 

Burmese snub-nosed monkey this animal also known as rhino Pittacus trickery is a critically threatened species of Kola bind monkey discovered in 2010 in northern Burma it was found by a group of researchers led by philanthropist John Stryker which gave their name to it there’s only one known population of Burmese snub-nosed monkey and is very small it has only 300 members apart from distinctive coloring black body and white face the most particular traits of this animal is it’s deformed upturned nose according to local hunters when it’s raining this monkey sneezes very loudly because it gets water of its nose that’s why during the rain you can often see it sitting with this head between its knees unfortunately the snub-nosed monkeys are on the verge of extinction because of the locals that consume them unlike us the local people do not consider it valuable culturally
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Dumbo octopus turns out that in the sea depths there are not only terrifying monsters but small cute and quite wee animals inhabited – for example this Dumbo octopus found just a little while ago on the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico for its cuteness and resemblance to the famous elephant character scientists named it Dumbo and has two small growths on its head next to its eyes and they really do look like ears this cutie uses them as fins and it has a very fast way to consume food instead of tearing its prey like other octopi do Dumbo swallows it in one gulp this fantastic and rare octopus was discovered on April 26 2014 during an expedition on Okeanos Explorer ship
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 Honduran white bat if you’re superstitious this animal must intimidate you but this little nightfright is not a bloodthirsty vampire not a soul yes it is a bat but is very different from its brothers because this particular species doesn’t live in caves and doesn’t drink blood besides as you can see their first snow-white the hon during white bat live only in a few regions of Central America if you’re really lucky you might see it in Nicaragua Costa Rica and of course on Duras apart from being very rare this bat is also very small the biggest one ever found was about 2 inches long sadly they’re in danger of extinction but let’s hope for the best
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Cherax pulcher this crayfish knows much more about rainbows than we do quite recently German scientists made an announcement that one of the most beautiful freshwater animals is this crayfish with amazing neon colouring originally this animal comes from West Papua in Indonesia the most colourful are males of course with a length of 3 or 4 inches the females are more humble their bodies are smaller and not so colorful the shell of this crayfish looks like a galaxy with thousands of shining stars or a tropical sunset by the way it’s a very popular species between our tourists all over the world would you like to have one of those as a pense
Pink-eyed grasshopper have you ever seen an animal with a strange eye color if you haven’t then look this grasshopper with pink eyes that look like beans live in the molar range mountains the insect itself is bright green and when you look at it it seemed that its eyes blowing this rare insect was discovered during a scientific expedition to New Guinea the second-biggest island on earth no one has ever heard about it before so it was a very impressive discovery for scientists Chinese softshell turtle you know the phrase slow like a turtle well if you use this a lot you might change your mind now because it turns out that it’s not always true the Chinese
Softshell turtle when frightened runs so fast that not every human can catch it it’s a really unusual turtle and very different from the ones we used to see especially because of its shell which is soft without horny scoots and covered with skin its carapace is round and a soft edges as the turtle gets older the carapace becomes more elongated and by the way this is how you can determine the age of the sanam on the upper part the visible one is gray green or brown green which is useful when the turtle hides on the bottom of the sea its neck is really long as well so if you hold its shell it can stretch its neck could by you and it won’t be very nice
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Ili pika this cute little creature is called the le picker it is endemic to the tian shan mountains of the Northwest Chinese province in yang there’s animal eats grass that grows high in the mountains and it’s very rare it looks like a bunny a squirrel and a ten bear at the same time just imagine for twenty long years no one can find a single early picker and take a picture of it this is what people call it the magic bunny let’s hope its population will increase and soon crowds of these Fluffy’s will jump all over the tian shan mountains
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