Android Mobile User Must Usable Apps In The Year 2017-Gadgets

If You are a android lover then you may using androind mobile also you might have tried tons of android apps which were downloaded from playstore or some other sources.have you ever think which android apps are most usefull ?  Here We Are presenting best Android apps .

1.AppLock as the name implies you can use this app to lock the apps on your phone whether it’s for privacy or for restricted content initially you have to give in your pattern and confirm your email in case you get locked out then here you have a list of advanced features settings and the list of applications you can lock using this app you also get a vault to secure your private photos chamber for private browser social sites and into the selfie that takes a picture over time someone inputs a wrong passcode moreover you can also add additional features from its online store you also have a security option like unlock modes fingerprint lock and other useful options that can save your battery life this guy is the app or create a diversion as well it really depends how far you want to go to protect your apps and restrict your content.

2.Bluetooth auto car if you rely on your phone for car audio this is a must-have app this Apple automated Bluetooth so it turns on when you enter your car and connects to its Bluetooth system and turns off when you exit the car that’s pretty smart this not only makes it easier for Bluetooth connection but also makes it safer while driving you can add more features to the app like fast connection and stable connection that will enhance your driving and Bluetooth experience also from the app settings you can automate other features to ëcause audio like notification sound when connected or disconnected hotspot wether info driving status or a flashlight and also a baby reminder so that you don’t forget your baby inside the car well I certainly don’t need
3.Search: remember Bing will this is a browser that is integrated with being searched the browser comes with some handy tools like easier access to history inspirational codes themes and QR code support you can also enhance your browsing experience with add-ons like we do on our desktop additionally you get quick shortcuts on the notification panel as well besides that it’s a pretty snappy browser that uses this resources and data and while browsing you can also turn on reading mode for ease apart from that you also get all the bells and whistles that you get in a normal browser.
4.Word buzz: this app brings a cool way to type stylish fonts which can spice up your message when you want to highlight some points or simply get a cool profile name simply choose the font you want and type your text then copy your text and paste it wherever you want also this app supports almost every social apps helping you get stylish profile names. sales: this app will bring you great deals on your paid apps you get different sections here like highlights later sales free apps and the cool part is you can add your favorite apps here to get notified when it’s free or is on discount you can also change the settings to filter your contents choose categories currency or country so that you don’t miss out on deals.
6.SendAnyFile:as the name implies this app allows you to send any file without decides restrictions via messaging apps you can send full resolution pictures or videos and even files in any format this also happens to be the only app that will allow you to send files via facebook Messenger I use this app to send video clips large documents etc on my Facebook and whatsapp group.
7.Gravity Gesture: this app will get your find shortcuts like you get with the Motorola devices you can use certain movements like shake your phone or rotate in a certain manner to open an app toggle settings like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and even make calls here is a quick demo I said action like rotation X to launch the camera and Shake to launch the flashlight just like the Moto action as you can see it works perfectly fine this app can work when blocked and comes in really handy at times and does not affect your battery life.
8.Cheetah keyboard: I don’t know how fast this keyboard is but it’s stylish and with cool animations and has handy features the coolest part about the keyboard is its themes you have wide variety of themes and every theme comes with a unique set of animation you have shortcuts here for quick settings themes emojis and gifs or gifts I really like the clipboard tool on the keyboard that will keep a record of all things copied all in all this is a great keyboard app that has great functionality
9.Earth Icon pack: and this has been my recent favorite you get all these rounded icons which is quite minimal and elegant it supports almost all the launchers plus you get wallpapers with this app that goes really well with the icon pack.

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