Android developer With 2+ years of experience Jobs In USA

Here are the requirements for this job:

  • Conversion of raw designs into responsive codes
  • Written codes should be re-usable and performance-based
  • Written codes should depict the real requirements of the users
  • Should be expert in error picking and handling issues as an expert
  • Having optimization skills is a plus point
  • Should have developed apps like FoodStreet, iJumbo, and CallM.


Here are the programming skills required:

  • Should have worked with each step of full development cycle
  • Able to handle application libraries and API integration with Android native environment
  • Should be comfortable with ever-changing client requirements
  • Proven coding experience of Algorithms in Java with Eclipse IDE
  • Should familiar with web services development using PHP, Python, and C#
  • Strong, databases and mathematics concepts


You have to prove that you got 2 years of experience. We will call your employer and check for your previous company registration numbers. We are only looking for 2 years experience energetic gentleman/woman. So, if you don’t have that please don’t apply for this job.

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Important Information Related To Interview:

  • If we found that you are faking your experience, we will report to proper authorities.
  • Remember, we will make visual contact your previous employers. So, you must have to provide mobile number and official address.

You have to apply online on our website http://ioandco.com/ careers sections or send us email at hr101@ioandco.com

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