5 Best Free Softwares To Download That Are Really Worth In Usage

 I’ll show you five free software for your Windows computer that are actually great the Softwares Covered can help to increase productivity security and can help to make your computer run better as always the powerful free of cost programs don’t have any viruses or malware and are well trusted
1.media player classic home cinema this compact ad free open-source media player is great at supporting most of the common audio and video files just like VLC media player. you preferred media player classic over VLC because it played back certain files better quite honestly in my testing I’ve had no issues with either player media player classic is simple enough to use you open up your media it’s the same way you normally do .It supports all windows operating systems that have windows XP or newer and you have the options for 32 and 64 bit installers if you’re looking for a new media player that is lightweight and it’s better than what comes pre-installed on your computer you can’t go wrong with media player classic home cinema.
2.Glary utilities which may be the most adjusted utility software it’s only available on Windows computers and offers an excellent set of tools to clean your system and boost your PC performance now we’ll give you a brief overview of the software when you launch glarey utilities you have three tabs one for overview one-click maintenance and advanced tools .another great feature is the one-click maintenance by selecting scan for issues that will run a registry cleaner shortcuts fixer along with other options you selected in the advanced tools tab you have several more tools for cleanup and repair optimize and improve privacy and security files and folders and additional system tools there are so many features with the software they do offer a pro version with additional features that may be worthwhile for some of you but for most the free version will be all that you need if you have a Windows computer glarey utilities just may be the best all-in-one solution for your PC
3.Green shot which is a free and open source screenshot program to say that the screenshot functionality built into most operating systems is limited would be an understatement Greenshot allows you to capture a full screen an open window or even capture a region of your screen and once it takes a screenshot gives you a ton of options. holding down the control key and the Print Screen key at the same time allows you to capture the fullscreen the Alt key and Print Screen key allow you to capture a selected open window and to capture just a region of the screen all you need to hold down is the Print Screen key on your keyboard Then We have several options including saving you can have it open directly into the screenshot editor or one of the several programs including Microsoft Paint you can also upload to imager I prefer to open in the green shot image editor. greenshot is completely free for Windows users and for a buck 99 you can get it in the Mac App Store
4.defraggler which is my preferred defragging tool for computers with hard disk drive and it’s far superior to the windows built in defrag cool I won’t spend a lot of time on this one defrag ler takes the fragmented files on your computer and reassembles them to speed up your PC it’s simple enough to use first you select your drive if you want you can benchmark your drive by selecting benchmark Drive you could select analyze to see if your drive does need to be defragged and when you’re ready to get started just select defrag depending on the size of your drive it could take hours to complete the process defraggler does have an option to optimize solid-state drives but I wouldn’t bother since defragging has little benefit and can shorten the lifespan of an SSD if you’re like most and you’re still using a hard disk drive for your computer give defraggler a try
5.Unchecky many times while installing software these installers try to bundle in unwanted programs it doesn’t occur as much as it used to but it’s still annoying UnChucky it’s great it’ll automatically uncheck those offers unrelated to the software you’re installing so you’re not as likely to miss one of those check boxes for unwanted software also it’ll warn you if you’re about to allow unwanted programs to install if you use any free software that’s so far in this series has not been mentioned that you think others would like if you haven’t done so already

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